carqueja em flor na Quinta Ecológica da Peneda

In search of a natural and human ecology

Living a balanced and happy life, recognizing and respecting the ecology of life systems, being responsible and solidary.

You are much more than your limited body, ego and personality. At the deepest level, your body is ageless, and your mind is timeless. Once you identify with this reality, you have unlimited freedom to create greater health, joy, and whatever else you wish to bring into the world.

Peneda ecofarm is born out of positive feelings, a sense of mission, a desire to contribute to a more balanced world at the ecological and human level.


Develop a sustainable and balanced lifestyle model, based on a thorough knowledge of life systems and their ecological interrelationships and a human way of existing anchored in an ethic of responsibility and solidarity.

Our vision is inspired by the work of extraordinary people who have developed approaches to ethical and sensitive understanding of man’s relationship with nature, guided by intuition and scientific knowledge, aligned with an ethic of care and respect for all living beings, human and non-human, and towards their environment, the “mother” Earth.

Our vision, built upon so many references, remains curious and passionate as we work everyday day, and expectant as we sense how much there is still to learn, deepen, share.

Our vision is inspired by the work of Bill Mollison (Permaculture), Ernest Goech (Agroecology), Emilia Hazelip (Sinergistic Gardening), Anna Edey (Solar-Dynamic, Bio-Benign Design), Ruth Stout (No-dig gardening), Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy and biodynamic agriculture), Vandana Shiva (environmental activist and founder of Navdanya conservation of ancestral seeds project), Rob Hopkins (Transition Towns), André Gorz / Serge Latouche («décroissance économique»).

Our work is also inspired by people we are fortunate to have in our closest context in time and space, such as Margarida Silva (Ecology Understanding, No GMO Platform), José Carlos Marques (NGO Campo Aberto), Eugénio Sequeira (soil specialist NGO LPN), Paulo Magalhães (Earth Condominium / Terrestrial System Limits), Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Arminda Deusdado (Environmental Media Communicator / «Biosphere» television environmental awareness program), Peter e Cynthia Bampton (Awakened Life Project), Cristina Sales (Functional and Integrative Medicine), and many others, everyday life companions, because all the people we meet and share with the ambition for a creative, healthy, happy, caring and responsible existence are also the ones who inspire us, the ones we bring in our hearts, like Ivone and Cristina, Yassine and Joana, Ritinha, Rita, Maria, Sofia and Elvira, Paulo, Domingos and Charlotte, Glória and Cláudio, Carli, Anabela, Cristina, Miguel and Manuel, among many, many others.