In this blog we want to share visions about the world, events that mark and teach us in the realization of this project, dreams and aspirations, what results well and not so well, what we study and test in practice, but also music, jokes, cooking recipes, and everything else that jumps out straight from the soul.

May this space be able to celebrate the “art of encounter, when there are so much dis-encounters in this life” (Vinícius de Moraes) …

Healthy eating & Vegan diet


Whether you are vegan or just starting to find more about this amazing diet, please do feel excited to find

Volunteering at Peneda ecofarm


Peneda ecofarm is a WWOOF registered member. WWOOF organisations connect people who want to live and learn on organic farms

Exercise, health and nature


Exercising is good for your health. And if you can’t do it regularly, it’s always a good idea to take

Welcome to the farm!


This is a very special project for us as we want to create a welcoming space where our guests feel

Sichuan pepper

Agroecology and regenerative agriculture


With so many advantages, how come it is not yet a common practice? In a rapidly changing world marked by

walking through ancient forests

What is sustainable living?


Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate

Porto and the north, tavern _Peneda Ecofarm

Porto, north of Portugal and Galicia


Portugal was born in the north. It was in Porto and the north that we learned the value of difference

jovem plantação de castanheiros - Quinta Ecológica da Peneda

What type of agriculture and forest for Portugal?


With the depopulation of the Portugal’s interior and climate change – which result in increasingly unpredictable weather phenomena, with the

cabelo dourado ao por do sol

Rheumatoid arthritis and being a mother – challenges that transform us


Being a mother. Today I am more complete. But being a mother forced me to look inside myself, to get

agroecology at Peneda ecofarm

Agroecology at the farm


We are inspired by the principles of agroecology and permaculture, seeking an holistic and integrated understanding of human-nature relationships. Peneda

Sistelo, walking landscape promoted by Peneda ecofarm

Sustainable tourism


We follow UNWTO guidelines for sustainable tourism. We promote climate and people friendly mobility. We are a bike friendly accommodation.

Stone mortar: Peneda ecofarm’s kitchen

Healthy food and Portuguese wine


We are passionate about healthy food! In our fresh, farm-to-table kitchen, we lovingly create gourmet, colourful nutrient-rich meals. We produce

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