Non-discrimination policy


Peneda ecofarm’s relationship with all its employees is based on a policy of equal opportunities. Pursuant to this policy in the recruitment process of its employees, Peneda ecofarm observes the following principles:

1st) Prohibition of discriminatory practices based on gender, race, color, creed, socioeconomic conditions or sexual orientation;

2) Adequate working conditions for employees with disabilities;

3rd) Prevention and control of practices that may lead to discriminatory situations in their different variants.

The non-discrimination policy of Peneda ecofarm has as its essential and indispensable matrix for its pursuit the safeguarding of the principle of equal opportunities and the duty of non-discrimination, as will be explained further below.


1 – Purpose

In the process of recruiting and hiring any employees, Peneda ecofarm does not use any form of negative discrimination between the various job candidates. This commitment responds, among other regulations, to the Community principles of equality between women and men, non-discrimination on grounds of race or ethnicity, nationality or territory of origin, sex, sexual orientation or family situation and religious or ideological convictions, as recommended in article 119 of the Treaty of Rome and articles 2, 13 and 137 et seq. of the Treaty on the European Community.

2 – Scope of Application

The principle of equal opportunities and the duty of non-discrimination in its different manifestations is observed by Peneda ecofarm.

3 – Qualification of Discriminatory Practice

Any conduct by Peneda ecofarm or any of its employees that privileges, benefits, harms, deprives of any right or exempts from any duty an employee or potential candidate for a job at Peneda ecofarm due to ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family situation, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political or religious convictions is qualified as discriminatory.

4 – Prevention and Control of Discriminatory Policies

All employees of Peneda ecofarm, regardless of their position or function, have the duty to report any conduct that may constitute a discriminatory practice in its different variants. The communication must be made in writing to the management of Peneda ecofarm, the entity responsible for the assessment and treatment of the reported situations, benefiting the complainant of all the prerogatives of protecting information and preserving the person and image.

5 – Sanction or Penalties

Any sanctions that may be determined within the scope of the process of controlling discriminatory practices, follow the course of the disciplinary procedures.

6 – Protection and Safeguard

Peneda ecofarm must protect all employees in the sense that any discriminatory measures are not exercised on them.

7 – Duty of Secrecy

All those involved in the process are bound by the duty of secrecy, without reservations or restrictions.