Volunteering at Peneda ecofarm

Peneda ecofarm is a WWOOF registered member.

WWOOF organisations connect people who want to live and learn on organic farms and small-holdings with people who want to share their knowledge and way of life.

WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic and self-sufficient lifestyles. Visitors or WWOOFers as they kindly known, give a helping hand with the daily activities on the land and in the family home.

Volunteering GuidelinesYour Rights and Responsibilities

We know that by volunteering you are generously donating your time, skills and efforts. But a volunteer environment is still a workplace, and as such, you have certain responsibilities that must be upheld. And of course, you have rights as well!

On the top of that, you must understand the specific characteristics of the place where you are volunteering, and respect its dynamics. This document will help you understand where you stand and what to expect. We would expect you to read it and tell us if there is anything you do not understand.

About Peneda ecofarm

Peneda ecofarm is firstly dedicated to organic farming, integrating permaculture and regenerative agriculture concepts. More than producing organic food reducing damage to the environment, we are into reversing damage by adopting regenerative practices.

As a complement Peneda ecofarm offers B&B accommodation, with the option of meals at the farm, and also organizes Culture & Nature activities with local partners. Peneda ecofarm follows UNWTO guidelines for sustainable tourism (ST) and we are Organic Farming and Biosphere Sustainable Tourism certified.

This means volunteers are integrating an organized working environment with rules. To understand these rules is of primary importance for the volunteers to find their place and have a positive and fulfilling experience.

So, before you start, you should check that the purpose of Peneda ecofarm matches your own values and beliefs and that your role is clear and specific.





Ways to increase soil fertility and ecosystem resilience: no dig, chop & drop, feed soil microorganisms with preparations, apply pest prevention sprays, how to boost plant immunity, make compost piles, natural fertilizers, build irrigation systems, how to do plant propagation, install live hedges, working for maintenance of health and fertility in the orchard, maintenance of a family vegetable garden with minimal soil mobilization. The WWOOFers will contribute to general maintenance works in the orchards and vegetable garden, which includes cleaning the areas around the trees from weeds, preparing and applying compost and chippings, activating the soil’s microbiology with natural preparations, installing or checking the proper functioning of gravity drip irrigation systems, creating shelters for animals, domestic and wild, maintaining fences and animal shelters; they will participate in plant propagation works; they will apply by brush or by spraying compounds that benefit the health of the trees; they will help to plant more trees; they will help with general cleaning of storage areas. Depending on how much time you spend on the farm you will do some or all of these jobs.


Breakfast at 8:30 am. Work with direct supervision from 9:00 am – 10:30 am. Snack in the field or kitchen at 10:30 am. Work (without supervision) from 10:45 am to 13:00 pm. Shower 13:00 (whenever is necessary). Lunch 13:15 – 14:15. Free time. Dinner: 20:00-21:30. The working schedule is from Wednesday to Monday, with Tuesday free. It can be adjusted as a result of weather conditions or specific needs of the Farm (organized in advance).

Elisabete’s phone number: 00351 93 944 66 01. Any doubt, always call or ask directly.

Please know that as a host we will do everything in our power to welcome you and share our knowledge on regenerative agriculture and organic farming. We will prepare wonderful healthy meals and integrate you in life at the farm. We will help you to discover the region and have a nice time.

Looking forward to having you here! Find us in here.