walking through ancient forests

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is a practical philosophy that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes which counteract climate change and other negative environmental concerns. *

We all know that by now. We must refuse a system that ignores the overexploitation of the planet and society, putting at risk the biosphere’s ability to self-regulate – and therefore our very own existence on this planet – and the social cohesion and democratic values that took so hard to conquer. And we must refuse to measure and value things only from a financial perspective and include social and environmental metrics. **

But knowing happens in the brain. You need to have it coming out of your heart, grounded in your authentic you so the magic happens.

We are all coming to know who we really are beyond the stories we carry around.

Stories from different experiences in our lives. From things we’ve been told. Of who we are, what we need, what to expect.

Listen to that little voice inside and connect to it.If you cannot connect to that voice, how are you going to connect to everything else? Go out and engage. Relate. Discover things. Be able to take the risk, to follow your heart, to make mistakes and learn from them. To be authentic.

And then you will discover that so much that makes you happy is already there. You will discover your essence.

And only then you will be truly ready to practice sustainable living. Only when you live up to your authenticity, and know your essence, you’ll be free to truly love, respect and treasure Life in this Planet. And sustainability will happen.

So, sustainable living is first of all about getting rid of all that is too much, finding out how much is enough, and stick to it. Enough will allow you time for yourself. To see the world with eyes of wonder again. And feel blessed. And be grateful.

And then it becomes your journey. Here and now. Rooted in the present. We do not depend on the circumstances for how we feel. We depend on our choices for how we feel. We can choose who we want to be.

Choose wisely. Live a life filled with love and gratitude. Care for the people. Care for the earth. Share with fairness. ***

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** https://youmatter.world/en/sustainability-environment-capitalism-economy-reinventing/

*** Permaculture ethics