Welcome to the farm!

This is a very special project for us as we want to create a welcoming space where our guests feel they can truly stop, relax, have fun and celebrate life. A space made for meetings and conversations, sharing and laughter, good food and good wine, care and attention. We are available to suggest or organize activities for you and cook delicious meals adapted to your diet and/or food preferences. Always making sure that nothing is missing. It is with pleasure that we welcome you!

Elisabete & Pedro

The farm

Peneda ecofarm is located on the fringes of the Peneda Gerês National Park (World Biosphere Reserve), between the Lima and Vez rivers, in the municipality of Arcos de Valdevez.

Address: Outeiro cx 99, 4070-225 Oliveira, Arcos de Valdevez

Website: www.penedaecofarm.com; email: info@penedaecofarm.com

Social networks: @penedaecofarm

Contact: (+351) 93 944 66 01 (Elisabete)

Organic farming

With an area of ​​about 8 ha, distributed between the parishes of Vale and Oliveira, it is dedicated to the organic production of chestnuts, varied fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs.

Sustainable tourism

Peneda ecofarm follows the UNWTO guidelines for sustainable tourism. We organize self-guided hikes and e-bike tours in the Peneda Gerês National Park area. We are certified by Biosphere Sustainable Tourism.

B&B accommodation

Accommodation in a double room with private bathroom and breakfast. For prices and more information, please consult our website.

Meals at the farm

We are very passionate about healthy food! In our fresh, farm-to-table kitchen, we lovingly create gourmet, colorful nutrient-rich meals.

We produce certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and eggs. Our cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet (declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia). Its fundamental principles include, among others, a high consumption of locally produced, fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Considering that each person, at each stage of their life, may need a specific diet, for health and/or ideological reasons, the Quinta is available to adapt the meals to the needs previously presented by the guests: vegan, gluten free, others.

All stays include continental breakfast. Guests can also request dinner service (half-board) subject to an additional cost.

All meals are prepared in the Farm’s Kitchen, and can be consumed in the Kitchen itself, on the balcony and/or patio if the weather permits.


Breakfast consists of

• Coffee • Tea and/or other infusions • Milk or vegetable drink • Bread • Jam • Cheese • Butter • Ham • Homemade granola or chocolate cereals for children • Homemade Natural Yogurt

For vegans we provide vegan butter and/or cheese and/or vegan spreads.


Dinner service is offered on a half board basis and include:

Other drinks are available and billed separately, according to the drinks menu available, such as other wine, beer or spirits.

Slow food: We support this movement that defends local production and consumption, the use of traditional foods and the purchase directly from the producers. It also protects the gastronomic heritage by defending the preservation of culture and the conservation of food biodiversity. Foods at risk of extinction are cataloged in the Ark of Taste. Arcos de Valdevez has several foods on the Ark, such as corn bread from Rio Frio, orange from Ermelo, terrestrial beans and Cachena meat from Peneda.

Meal times (can be adjusted if required)

Breakfast: 8:00 am – 9:30 am (kitchen closes at 9:30 am)

Lunch: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm (kitchen closes at 2:00 pm)

Dinner: 19h30-21:30 (kitchen closes at 21:30)

Bar service on the patio

We serve snacks and drinks in the afternoon on the patio between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm, by prior arrangement and according to the available menu.


We embrace a zero waste policy, which means that we reduce by buying in bulk whenever possible, not buying single-use plastic (disposables), recycling and composting. Please deposit your waste at Recycle House at the entrance of the farm, taking care to deposit all waste properly separated in recycling containers and, in the case of packaging, properly rinsed with water whenever justified – we like clean garbage. For non-recyclable waste, please use the common waste container, always keeping the lid tightly closed.

No Single Dose

The accommodation does not use single-dose products. By using refillable body and hair soap containers, waste can be significantly reduced. Instead of replacing empty containers with new ones, soap and gel are refilled from bulk containers.

Recycled paper

The accommodation reduces energy and water consumption by using recycled paper (toilet paper, printing paper, paper for advertising material). Recycled paper is made from old paper or cardboard. Recycled paper saves wood reserves and, compared to conventional paper production, uses two-thirds less energy and water.

Water saving

We are aware of the importance that water has for life and that it is a limited and indispensable good. In the bathrooms, we apply flow reducers to the faucets and we chose to install showers instead of bathtubs. A shower uses 12 to 15 liters of water per minute, but if the option is an immersion bath, consumption can reach 200 liters. We change towels and sheets every 7 days, or every 3 days for a service fee, or on request in the event of unforeseen events. At each cleaning, any water leaks are checked and corrected immediately. We also reduced water consumption by installing flush toilets with a reduced flush option.

We water plants on the farm by drip irrigation and, when that is not possible, we water them in the coolest hours of the day. We also collect rainwater for irrigation.


We care about energy. All hot water is heated with solar panels. When the sun is nor enough, we use an efficient wood stove in the main house, and in the adjacent building a heat pump. All of the Farm’s lamps are of low energy consumption (LED’S). All rooms have power cut access cards. The external lighting systems are regulated by clock and programmed based on the availability of natural light. We have implemented a routine maintenance plan to check the efficiency of all equipments. All our equipments have class “A” energy efficiency and rating.


The green areas around the accommodation (social areas) are managed according to the criteria of organic farming, giving preference to native species. For example, all of our grass areas are made up of native meadows. The Farm produces certified organic food.

Bicycle rental service (subject to availability)

Bicycles are available to guests in order to provide alternative modes of transportation, reduce guests’ dependence on cars, and encourage guests to explore the surrounding area in an environmentally-friendly way.

Environmentally friendly furniture

The tourist accommodation has sustainable furniture, as most are old solid wood furniture that were recovered and painted at the farm with ecological paints.

Rules for smokers

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas of Peneda Ecofarm, with the exception of the following outdoor areas surrounding the accommodation where there are clay pots with sand and ashtrays:

for all smokers: space in the shaded area of ​​the pool, patio of the farm, sun lounge on the green roof

• for mountain room guests: stone bench next to the east entrance of the room

• for river room guests: garden at the east entrance of the room

• for guests rooms in the yellow building: area in front of the rooms

We ask smokers to stay by the pots/ashtrays while smoking when there are other people nearby, instead of walking around with a lit cigarette, as a matter of courtesy to those who do not smoke and feel uncomfortable with smoking.

It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the green areas of the Farm, due to the risk of fire and the lack of ashtrays for placing cigarette butts. It is absolutely forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the floor, since the cigarette butt has about 4,000 toxic compounds, including heavy metals and micro particles, they are not biodegradable and their decomposition has no time limit, and these toxics are released into the air. , soil and water. Additionally, animals can ingest them causing serious health problems or death.

Map with designated smoking areas

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool works with salt treatment, so the water is salty. Access to the swimming pool is free for all guests.

The pool is not supervised, so each guest is responsible for their own safety and that of the children under their responsibility. Diving is prohibited. Running is prohibited.

The pool is delimited to the south and partially to the east by a wooden fence and rope that signals a wall over 2 m high.

The pool is 1.5 m deep in its deepest area, accessible by a stainless steel ladder. Access to the water is via a 3-step ladder in the lowest area of ​​the pool.

There are shower facilities next to the pool. There is a lifebuoy next to the pool – its use is prohibited unless there are people in the water at risk of drowning.

Liability and Dangers

Peneda ecofarm is located in a typical area of ​​Alto Minho, characterized by steep slopes and narrow terraces. The farm has several areas with high unprotected walls. We ask our guests to use defined paths for safe circulation and to maintain accurate surveillance of children and other minors in their care at all times.

Also, and because it is a working farm, and free circulation is allowed, there are agricultural tools that should not be handled and which children and other minors should keep their distance. The harvesting and ingestion of plants from the farm must also be prevented, as some may be toxic, as well as we expect our guests to act with common sense near the animals of the farm, avoiding screams and threatening gestures, so animals and people are safe. The farm has chickens, ducks, rabbits, a cat and a dog, Castro Laboreiro breed, which roams freely with the exception of the delimited areas around the accommodation and swimming pool.

Likewise, all indications and instructions transmitted by Peneda ecofarm  must be scrupulously respected and complied with, including good environmental practices in all nature tourism activities, as defined in DL No. 651/2009 of 12 June and under its internal protocol on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reserved access areas

Access to the Quinta’s Kitchen and the balcony is only allowed during meal service hours. Access to the main house’s living room, to the laundry room, as well as access to all storage areas and to rooms other than those booked by each guest for their private use is prohibited.

Reduced mobility

The Farm has a room in the main house adapted for reduced mobility. Access is possible with the help of a caregiver. Peneda ecofarm is motivated to welcome all people and help in any difficulty that arises.



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Fuel stations


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Tourist entertainment

Check our website https://penedaecofarm.com/culture-nature-experiences/