Stone mortar: Peneda ecofarm’s kitchen

Healthy food and Portuguese wine

We are passionate about healthy food! In our fresh, farm-to-table kitchen, we lovingly create gourmet, colourful nutrient-rich meals.

We produce certified organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and eggs. Our cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet (declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia). Its fundamental principles include, among others, a high consumption of locally produced, fresh and seasonal vegetables.

Considering that each person, at each stage of their life, may need a specific diet, for health and/or ideological reasons, the Quinta can provide specific menus (vegetarian, vegan, celiac, paleo, …) with advance request.

There’s nothing better than getting together around the table, after a time well spent discovering the region, and enjoy a tasty meal, talking and laughing. Do find our food experiences here and here!