Exercise, health and nature

Exercising is good for your health. And if you can’t do it regularly, it’s always a good idea to take a few weekends or vacations to integrate exercise in your life. It is very important to choose an exercise modality that you find attractive, and do it outdoors, in unpolluted places.

Doing physical exercise inhibits the appearance of many of the organic changes that are associated with the degenerative process of getting old, and also helps in the rehabilitation of certain pathologies that currently contribute to the increase in morbidity and mortality rates.

Several studies show that regular exercises are beneficial for health, providing improved metabolism efficiency (increases lipid catabolism and body calorie burning), increased muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, strengthened connective tissue, increased flexibility, improved posture, decreased resting heart rate, increased pulmonary ventilation, decreased blood pressure, improved self-concept, self-esteem and body image, decreased stress, anxiety, depression, increased physical and mental disposition , reduction of medication consumption and also improves the functioning of the organism in general providing physical fitness for a good quality of life (1).

And doing physical activity in natural environments brings added benefits to health and well-being, as contact with nature reduces anxiety and predisposes to tranquility and feelings of satisfaction. On the other hand, it is very important not to exercise in polluted environments. Physical activity requires us to breathe more deeply in search of the oxygen necessary for that particular exercise and, with that, we increase the dose of pollution we inhale, which can cause several damages to health.

In terms of types of physical exercise, there is no shortage of options. From hiking and biking, jumping or dancing, to other types of experiences, such as canoeing, skating, or even climbing or canyoning, they are all fun options to carry out in the middle of nature.

The ideal is to experiment! Peneda ecofarm works with several local partners to organize experiences of physical exercise and contact with nature, even integrating these proposals into Programs with Accommodation and Healthy Meals. A weekend, a few days, or a week, just choose the time you want to dedicate to yourself, friends and family.

And who knows, you might end up making the experience a habit! The important thing is that it gives you pleasure and then you will see that you will not want to stop exercising!

(1) https://www.efdeportes.com/efd213/exercicio-fisico-e-meio-ambiente.htm